Glitter & Gold by David’s Tea



Type: Black Tea

Thoughts: Had this tea on my way to work this morning. The lightness of the cinnamon taste and a nice, light aftertaste of ginger make this tea one I will buy again. It smells almost cider like, with a hint of cinnamon and not too strong if brewed correctly. The gold sugar balls also add a light sweetness to the tea, and makes it sparkle. Literally. Definitely a favourite for my morning cup of caffeinated tea.

Rating: 8/10
Plus let’s face it, who doesn’t get intrigued by a swirling sparkling tea?


Mango Madness from David’s Tea



Type: White Tea/Herbal Fruit Blend

Thoughts: Bought this tea today and am in love with the smell. However, taste-wise, this tea is very, umm how to put it, bland? You can’t really taste tea. I left my tea steeping for quite a while in my tumbler to get the most flavor I could, but unfortunately, with no luck. It tastes very watered down. I’m going to try to make it iced during the warmer months, but this tea lacks flavour when brewed hot. It almost tastes like hot water with a hint of mango. Not exactly what I look for in a tea.

Rating: 5/10
First semi-disappointment with David’s Tea, but hey, you learn from your mistakes, eh?

Hello! 😃


Name’s Kamila. I am an 18 year old girl in Canada who is obsessed with tea. Helps to contribute to the whole “stereotypical writer” chic, I suppose. I figured it was time to combine the two. My tea tasting and reviews will be posted up here. Feel free to comment, message and contribute opinions and new teas for me to try. I adore talking with all you internet folk that are reading this blog because clearly, you must love tea as much as I. I kid, of course, but I’m serious about the messaging. Please talk to me, I love to talk to people with similar interests.

Allon-sy my fellow bloggers, and please, I am not French. I may say random farewell greetings for I am a nutcase in my own right, but the only languages I am fluent in are English and Polish.