Lipton’s Raspberry Passionfruit Green Tea


My mother loves sales, and boy, does she always tries to bring back treats whenever she runs into one. This time around, she brought me back a fruit flavoured green tea. I had it sealed for a few weeks due to me being ill and stuck in bed drinking chamomile tea with honey and lemon to ease my throbbing throat. Now that Iā€™m fully healed and up and running again, Iā€™m back to switching up my teas constantly, some due to the need to review them for you guys, and some just for the heck of it.
Now this tea was a bit tricky to review. I love the raspberry taste in the tea and it is quite delicious, however my confusion comes from the ingredient list. They claim, as you can read on the picture above, that this tea is flavoured naturally with fruit. However, on the ingredients list, it lists corn maltodextrin, sugar and modified corn starch, or, in other words, artificial flavouring ingredients. They are additives and fillers made to keep the tea long lasting and cheap to produce. The sugar is inserted to keep consumers buying their product.
In conclusion, while this is a tasty tea, its ingredients upset me. This is basically turning tea into a sugary juice that keeps you craving it and buying more. Iā€™m quite disappointed. Go ahead and keep buying the tea if you like. However, personally and for my health, Iā€™ll stick to quality loose-leaf tea without additives and sugars that naturally keep me hooked with their flavour and health benefits.

Rating: 3/10