Touch Organic Mango Green Tea


So my mom brought back a huge box (this is the jumbo box with 100 tea bags inside, all individually wrapped) of organic mango green tea from her shopping trip. I have absolutely no idea where she bought it, and she insists that she forgot too. Oh well. At least she sure knows what I happen to love all too well.

I adore the taste of this tea. It is a simple jasmine green tea with natural mango flavouring that doesn’t over-power, nor sweeten the tea. Brewed at the right temperature (90°C) and for the right amount of time(3-5mins depending on how strong and bitter you like your tea) it is really delightful as a nice cup of tea at any time of day.

I also did some research on the company itself. They have an organic tea garden in China and they have 3 head offices, one of which is here is British Columbia. They import everything over, and they use all completely organic ingredients. Even the tea bag is non-bleached so that it is better for your health. If you want to check out more information, or even buy some for yourself, they have a variety of all organic teas available for purchase on their website: http//


Rating: 10/10

I could honestly drink this as a daily tea, it is simple and delicious and loaded with antioxidants that are good for you and your health. Definitely recommend.