Midsummer Night’s Dream plus Tea For One teapot/cup combo from David’s Tea



Mmm such a relaxing night. I’ve got my new gift, my Tea For One set from David’s Tea.Ice Blue Tea For One

I adore this teapot. It’s cute and perfect sized for tea breaks. It can actually fill up 2-3 of the cup it comes with, so it could make tea for one into tea for two if you so wish. The very fine strainer works to steep the tea perfectly while keeping the tea leaves away from the tea. I adore this present so much. Makes my writing nights so much more delightful. However the only con I have found is that the pot is not designed to keep your tea warm. It is literally meant for one or two instant cups, so don’t plan to make tea to last. However, besides that, this product really is a favourite of mine.

Rating: 9/10

As well, my tea of the night is David’s Tea’s Midsummer Nights Dream, and boy is it delightful.
It’s decaffeinated too, so I don’t have to worry I won’t be able to sleep afterwards. The pieces of apple really bring out a pleasant smell, as well as contributes to the gentle apple taste in the tea. The mint in this tea is very subtle, almost unnoticeable. The citrus mixed the sweetness of the apples and the gentleness of the mint makes this tea a soothing one, not to mention a delightful nighttime tea for relaxing. David’s Tea hints that it may set a romantic mood, and I can see how. In love with this tea, definitely getting a tin for my tea collection.

Rating: 9.5/10


Glitter & Gold by David’s Tea



Type: Black Tea

Thoughts: Had this tea on my way to work this morning. The lightness of the cinnamon taste and a nice, light aftertaste of ginger make this tea one I will buy again. It smells almost cider like, with a hint of cinnamon and not too strong if brewed correctly. The gold sugar balls also add a light sweetness to the tea, and makes it sparkle. Literally. Definitely a favourite for my morning cup of caffeinated tea.

Rating: 8/10
Plus let’s face it, who doesn’t get intrigued by a swirling sparkling tea?