Lipton’s Raspberry Passionfruit Green Tea


My mother loves sales, and boy, does she always tries to bring back treats whenever she runs into one. This time around, she brought me back a fruit flavoured green tea. I had it sealed for a few weeks due to me being ill and stuck in bed drinking chamomile tea with honey and lemon to ease my throbbing throat. Now that I’m fully healed and up and running again, I’m back to switching up my teas constantly, some due to the need to review them for you guys, and some just for the heck of it.
Now this tea was a bit tricky to review. I love the raspberry taste in the tea and it is quite delicious, however my confusion comes from the ingredient list. They claim, as you can read on the picture above, that this tea is flavoured naturally with fruit. However, on the ingredients list, it lists corn maltodextrin, sugar and modified corn starch, or, in other words, artificial flavouring ingredients. They are additives and fillers made to keep the tea long lasting and cheap to produce. The sugar is inserted to keep consumers buying their product.
In conclusion, while this is a tasty tea, its ingredients upset me. This is basically turning tea into a sugary juice that keeps you craving it and buying more. I’m quite disappointed. Go ahead and keep buying the tea if you like. However, personally and for my health, I’ll stick to quality loose-leaf tea without additives and sugars that naturally keep me hooked with their flavour and health benefits.

Rating: 3/10


Tetley Green Tea – Honey Lemon Ginseng


A few months ago, my mother, her boyfriend, my boyfriend (his name’s Kevin and I’ll just use it because it’s easier than typing out “my boyfriend” ever single time xD) and I set out to Victoria on Vancouver Island for my uncle’s wedding. We stayed in a beautiful little townhouse literally right near the water, instead of staying at a hotel. We took the ferry over from Vancouver and we arrived in the evening. Kevin and I decided we would make breakfast the next day for everyone, so we told my mother and she gave us some money to get groceries for us for the entire trip and we went to Walmart that night. Since both my mother’s boyfriend and I drink tea instead of coffee, I searched around Walmart for a green tea for the two of us. Now, I’m not sure how it is in the United States, but Tetley tea is sold at basically any grocery store here in Vancouver, and a ton of other cities in Canada as well. It’s very common and popular, and decently priced. It’s not the cheapest tea you can get, but it’s also not over-priced. I found Tetley’s green teas, and purchased the Honey Lemon Ginseng one, as I love the taste of ginseng and honey in my green tea, and hoped for the best.
Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The aroma was very pleasant, and its flavor was simple yet delicious. It even surprised me when I realized that it had a gentle minty aftertaste, which didn’t last long, but yet somehow added to the flavor of the tea. The lemon to honey ratio was on point, neither overpowered the other, rather they complimented each other quite well. Be careful about how long you brew though, this tea can get very bitter if left steeping too long. I found that adding real honey or brown sugar can actually liven up the taste a bit more, for personally, I found it to be a bit bland.
Overall, I highly recommend this tea if you are looking for a decently priced, delicious green tea. Oh green tea; You and your abundance of antioxidants that are a healthy choice for tea drinkers everywhere.

Rating: 8/10 😀

Midsummer Night’s Dream plus Tea For One teapot/cup combo from David’s Tea



Mmm such a relaxing night. I’ve got my new gift, my Tea For One set from David’s Tea.Ice Blue Tea For One

I adore this teapot. It’s cute and perfect sized for tea breaks. It can actually fill up 2-3 of the cup it comes with, so it could make tea for one into tea for two if you so wish. The very fine strainer works to steep the tea perfectly while keeping the tea leaves away from the tea. I adore this present so much. Makes my writing nights so much more delightful. However the only con I have found is that the pot is not designed to keep your tea warm. It is literally meant for one or two instant cups, so don’t plan to make tea to last. However, besides that, this product really is a favourite of mine.

Rating: 9/10

As well, my tea of the night is David’s Tea’s Midsummer Nights Dream, and boy is it delightful.
It’s decaffeinated too, so I don’t have to worry I won’t be able to sleep afterwards. The pieces of apple really bring out a pleasant smell, as well as contributes to the gentle apple taste in the tea. The mint in this tea is very subtle, almost unnoticeable. The citrus mixed the sweetness of the apples and the gentleness of the mint makes this tea a soothing one, not to mention a delightful nighttime tea for relaxing. David’s Tea hints that it may set a romantic mood, and I can see how. In love with this tea, definitely getting a tin for my tea collection.

Rating: 9.5/10

Hello! 😃


Name’s Kamila. I am an 18 year old girl in Canada who is obsessed with tea. Helps to contribute to the whole “stereotypical writer” chic, I suppose. I figured it was time to combine the two. My tea tasting and reviews will be posted up here. Feel free to comment, message and contribute opinions and new teas for me to try. I adore talking with all you internet folk that are reading this blog because clearly, you must love tea as much as I. I kid, of course, but I’m serious about the messaging. Please talk to me, I love to talk to people with similar interests.

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